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The Construction of NBG’s New Cladding Line for 50 km Fiber Optic Cable

50 km Fiber Optic Cable

We have some exciting developments to share: we’re currently in development to increase our capacity with a state-of-the-art cladding line at our facilities in Austria. The new line will produce FIMTs of longer lengths with high fiber counts. The numbers promise to impress, too. It will enable us to make FIMT with an incredibly high fiber count of 192 fibers and an extended continuous length of up to 50 km, potentially increasing to 100 km in the near future.

FIMT in the Subsea Industry

Such FIMTs (high fiber count and extended continuous length) are particularly suitable for marine environments where deployment is costly and durability is paramount. Longer FIMT equates to fewer sections that require splicing which naturally means faster integration and greater resistance to mechanical stress of the overall line.

Fiber optic cables are responsible for around 99% of international data transmission. Still, their importance extends beyond that: hybrid designs can include power transmission, and specific solutions can perform in incredibly challenging environments. In addition to data transmission, the optical fiber within FIMT serves as a sensor providing valuable data during deployment and exploitation of the subsea cable. Readings such as strain on the line are of prime importance during deployment. Using the fibers as acoustic sensors or temperature sensors post-deployment enables operators to accurately monitor the cable for faults.

Coming in 2022: NBG’s 50 km Fiber Optic Cable

The entire system will be up and running this year. The new production line gives us more flexibility to react faster in the market, reducing our lead times further without compromising our exceptional standards. In addition, NBG is a fully independent producer in Europe, and we produce our own optical fiber, passive equipment, and complete sensing solutions.

Our FIMT is entirely customizable to suit the precise demands of each particular challenge. Depending on the application requirements and the number of fibers, the tube dimensions, materials, and build change from project to project. So, get in touch and introduce your project to us. We always take the time to listen and then respond with the best solution for you.

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