Fiber Optic Telecommunications

Fiber optic telecommunications has a high bandwidth over long distances. Additionally, the technology is more resilient in challenging conditions and more secure than other methods. We support the telecom industry in various ways, from our high-quality Helia Optical FiberConnectivity SolutionsFIMT for OPGW and OPPC, and our modular armored area cable kit (MAACK). 

Helia Optical Fiber

We produce Helia Optical Fiber, a superior quality optical fiber created by our engineers at our state-of-the-art preform manufacturing facility in Europe. All fibers supplied by NBG are fully compliant with ITCU standards and. Furthermore, our optical fiber reflects our focus on innovation and excellence because we felt our products deserved a better quality optical fiber than what was currently available on the market. 


We have plenty of on-field expertise and experience in planning and installing FTTx networks. We manufacture and supply our customers with a range of connectivity products such as street cabinets, closures, boxes, cable and wire storage, interconnect enclosures, distribution cabinets, termination boxes and systems, and more. We can provide equipment for FTTx and FTTH projects of any size, so get in touch and introduce your project to one of our experts.


Every FIMT we produce is entirely customizable to the precise needs of each project, but here are some of our specialized OPGW and OPPC FIMTs. 

Armored Fiber Optic Cable

Single Layer FIMT

Single Layer FIMT is a single-layer steel tube that we can produce up to 50 km in length and with as many as 192 fibers. The FIMT is capable of Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) and is popular across a range of industries, including Marine and Oil & Gas, but it’s an excellent and popular solution within Optical Ground Wire (OPGW). 

Thin Wall Aluminum Layered FIMT

Thin Wall Aluminum Layered FIMT includes an outer aluminum sheath protecting the configuration from potentially threatening external influences, such as wind, ice, and rain. The aluminum layer is between 0.25 mm and 0.3 mm, making the cable simultaneously durable and lightweight, ideal for power lines. 

OPGW Thick Alu Layered

Thick Wall Aluminum Layered FIMT

Thick Wall Aluminum Layered FIMT is an OPGW and OPPC optimized stainless steel tube, suitable for deployments in harsh climate conditions. A stainless-steel tube protects the optical fibers from mechanical stress. Additionally, an aluminum layer protects the steel, preventing galvanic corrosion within the cable, a common cause for OPGW failure. 


AdditionallyMAACK, our modular armored area cable kit, includes fittings, optical components, the FIMT cable, and fixing parts. It’s easy to install and durable, offering long-life solutions for the telecom industry. 


Optical Components

FIMT Cable

Fixing Parts

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