The internet providers are under constant pressure to answer the growing demands for faster and more reliable internet connection. Especially for: 

NBG caters to the increasing optical fiber demand with the production of optical fiber, connectivity solutions and special protected cable designs. 


The fiber optic technology is the best answer for such issues, and internet providers are increasing their rollouts and network expansion even in times of a recession.

Education, business, and even healthcare providers with the rise of telemedicine are the first to secure long-term contracts with their telecoms. The providers who are first to offer high quality 24/7 high-speed, high-bandwidth fiber optic internet connection are those who will ultimately be more competitive.

Why Fiber Optics

Long Lifetime

Almost no maintenance over the whole lifetime.

Passive Sensor

No electrical power at the measurement point needed if used as a sensor.

Long Distance

Monitoring (50 km and more) of remote locations and objects, if used as a sensor.

Resists High Pressures and High Temperatures

Resists extreme temperatures from -269 to 700+ degrees

For Harsh and Explosive Environments

Resistant to corrosion, lightning, etc.

Immune to EMI

Electromagnetic interference


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