Smart Cities

More and more cities worldwide are becoming ‘Smart,’ which is the term used to describe the general movement toward the better connectivity of urban areas. Fiber optic sensing, including SHM Sensing and PIDS Sensing, gathers and provides data from the environment, playing a similar role for Smart Cities as a nervous system does for the human body. 

Optical Fiber and Smart Cities

Smart Cities are more secure, improve people’s lives, and they’re more environmentally friendly. Smart grid technology, for example, is an autonomous system that delivers safe and powerful electricity to people. Developments in optical fiber help grid operators manage, orchestrate, and optimize transmission and systems. 

The high bandwidth and low latency of fiber optic technology help many vital Smart City applications reach their full potential. Fiber optic sensing can also monitor traffic flow and network connections, integrating with other technologies to capture and transfer data. 

The growing trend towards Smart Cities reflects the increasing relevance and importance of optical fiber in our lives. 

Smart City Network

By the innovative application of fiber optic sensing, including Structural Health Monitoring and Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systemsthe fiber optic nerve network ‘feels’ the city’s pressure points. The data is then relayed to a processor so someone can heal the slight ‘pain’ before it becomes a bigger, more expensive problem. 

Fiber optic sensing

Fiber optic sensing can monitor various conditions in structures, including temperature, pressure, vibration, stress, and humidity. Therefore, the potential of the technology is enormous, ranging from environmental monitoring, industrial monitoring, and structural monitoring. 

Primarily, the technology ensures a structure’s safety and helps plan, predict, and optimize maintenance activities. In addition, when applied to the Smart City model, the technology creates a dynamic environment of connectivity. 

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

The Smart City model applies automatic perimeter monitoring to detect when moving objects cross a defined line. Perimeter monitoring devices create safer cities, where people, infrastructure, and vehicles are connected in a dynamic environment. 

Smart infrastructure can contribute to smooth traffic flow, pedestrian safety, security, and crisis management for emergencies or crime. The possibilities are only beginning to be realized. 

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