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SHM Infrastructures & Case Studies

Road Infrastructures

Our Sensing Solutions accuratly and reliably monitor the strain and vehicle load on road infrastructure to ensure complete safety.

Canara Bridge | Case Study

Our solution delivered 24/7 long-term monitoring for the Canara Bridge.

Critical Infrastructures

Our Sensing Solutions help to secure critical infrastructures by monitoring any damages in real-time, enabling you to act in time.

Nice Airport | Case Study

Our multi-purpose solution secured the ground at the Nice Côte d’Azur Airport.

Dam Infrastructures

Our Sensing Solutions are of vital importance to the life of a dam, determining the longevity of the dam by detecting potential issues.

Grande-Dixence Dam | Case Study

Our FIMT improved communications in a power station tunnel under the Dam.

Complete Fiber Optic Solutions

We provide all necessary parts for a complete fiberoptic sensing solution from sensors, sensing cables over interrogation units and accessories down to data analysis software solutions

Our solutions provide market-leading sensors and sensing cables for your application, no matter if produced by ourselves or from external expert partners around the globe.

Portable cost-efficient units for large scale implementations or professional 19” rack-mounted standalone devices for Fiber Bragg Grating, Raman, Brilloin, and Acoustic technology.

Scalable data solutions for single projects or large scale IoT based solutions

If you haven’t found the solution you are looking for in our large portfolio, we will create customized solutions for your needs. Just let us know.

Dozen of sensors can be measured with just one interrogation unit

Optional Services

Structural Health Monitoring


Technical Overview

Point Sensing

  • Monitor well defined points
  • Sensors for strain, temperature, tilt, acceleration, displacement, etc.
  • Up to 40 multiplexed sensors per channel
  • Fiber Bragg Grating Technology
  • up to 16 channels on one interrogation unit

Distributed Sensing

  • Monitor parameters on the complete length of the fiber
  • Strain and/or temperature and/or accoustics

  • Up to 50km with one device
  • Raman, Brillouin and Rayleigh sensing technology

Our Partners

Whenever we team up with NBG on a project, we can depend on them being professional, fast, and high-quality. They always take the time to understand the full-scope of every project even when their deliverables only require partial involvement.

Anthony Smith CEO at AP sensing

We love working with NBG. They respond quickly to every challenge and their products are always of the highest quality. Whenever possible, we partner with NBG, and we can always promise the very best to our client when we know that they’re involved.

Roger White CEO at ABB

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Screenshot 2022-02-03 at 14.51.47
Image 13
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Screenshot 2022-02-03 at 14.51.47

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How can we support YOUR SENSING PROJECT

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