The Security Industry

Optic Fiber offers helps build a more effective security system

Fiber optic sensing has made the Security Industry more efficient than ever; the technology is more durable, more accurate, and more flexibleIn addition, we solve challenges with custom solutions, further advancing the potential of fiber optic technology in the Security Industry. PIDS (Perimeter intrusion detection) systems and Cabinet Monitoring are popular and reliable security solutions. 

Optic Fiber offers helps build a more effective security system

Perimeter Security

We specialize in custom fiber optic solutions for Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS). The technology provides real-time and complete perimeter security for structures of any perimeter length. 

Our solutions could include supplying your fiber optic monitoring system, complete with innovative technology and resilient materials that detect any intrusion while remaining completely invisible. In addition, we select the best-in-class equipment with a focus on optimal cost efficiency and long-term reductions in maintenance costs. 

Our systems can integrate with existing security systems to install fence, wall, or ground monitoring (for various terrains). 

Cabinet Monitoring

We provide fiber optic monitoring solutions for system integrators and network operators. Our solutions are high-security, cost-effective, and implement robust sensor technology created at our production facilities in Austria. In addition, we offer individual solution support in each project. 

Cabinet Monitoring ensures the security of telecom networks by accurately tracking every change in a critical network infrastructure. In addition to efficient and high-performing results, our solutions include detection security measures. 

Contact one of our experts today if you’re interested in our end-to-end solutions for your fiber optic monitoring system. 

Why Fiber Optics Security

Some of the benefits of fiber optic security: 

No power supply required

The on-site fiber optic sensors are entirely passive, making them cheaper to maintain and more reliable. 

Total immunity to EMI/RFI

Fiber optic cables are unaffected by electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). 

Difficult to disrupt and undetectable

Once installed, our systems are close to undetectable and impossible to disrupt, achieving efficient security. 

Simple to install

Our fiber optic security systems and components are easy to install and integrable with existing systems. 

High sensitivity and reliability

Optical sensing is sensitive enough to detect any minor changes in the environment and reliably alert the data center in real-time. 

Long lifetime

Our fiber optic security systems are built to perform in the long-term, securing your structure for decades. 


Critical infrastructure security depends on fiber optics to function at the highest level. When integrated with IoT, Fiber Perimeter Monitoring Systems (FPMS) is excellent 360-degree security for airfields, power plants, military bases, and any other location that needs to be secure. 

Security networks that use fiber optics benefit from the higher bandwidth and smart system. Moreover, the sensing technology presents real-time and accurate information, and its enhanced performance has seen it become the future-proof industry standard. 

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