Optic Fiber offers helps build a more effective security system

The advantages of fiber optic sensors in terms of

is what makes them a perfect fit for smart security systems. With the help of distributed vibration systems (DVS)/ distributed acoustic sensing, a single fiber optic sensing cable can secure a perimeter around a given area or a fence.

Optic Fiber offers helps build a more effective security system


The benefit of a fiber perimeter system is that it is not just a passive security measure. It can detect intrusion before it even happens. When integrated with IoT, Fiber Perimeter Monitoring Systems (FPMS) can provide excellent 360-degree security for small and big objects, such as airfields, power plants, military bases, etc.

Why Fiber Optics

Long Lifetime

Almost no maintenance over the whole lifetime.

Passive Sensor

No electrical power at the measurement point needed if used as a sensor.

Long Distance

Monitoring (50 km and more) of remote locations and objects, if used as a sensor.

Resists High Pressures and High Temperatures

Resists extreme temperatures from -269 to 700+ degrees

For Harsh and Explosive Environments

Resistant to corrosion, lightning, etc.

Immune to EMI

Electromagnetic interference


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