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All Fiber in Metal Tubes provided by NBG come along with a test report according to EN 10204 /2.2 and include the following tests:

  • Actual tube length measurement
  • Actual tube diameter measurement
  • Welding depth measurement
  • Accurate EFL measurement
  • Optical Fiber attenuation measurement
  • Water penetration test, if applicable


NBG has a straightforward and modern R&D Center with all different kinds of test benches to perform tests and measurements according to the latest standards. The experience and know-how in special fiber handling combined with semi-annual internal trainings for our employees, allows us to perform on a high level and develop products, that are unique and a masterpiece in the fiber optic market.


The R&D center is equipped with the following test benches:

  • Fully automated repeated bending test bench (max. 150 kg)
  • Several temperature chambers (-70 °C up to +850 °C)
  • Horizontal long stress strain bench (max. 20 m)
  • Vertical short stress strain bench (max. 1 m)
  • Impact test bench
  • High-pressure chamber (up to 800bar and +200°C)


Our R&D engineers are trained to perform cable type tests according the standard IEC 60794-1-2. All these tests include a detailed final test report. On request, NBG is always open to perform extended R&D activities with customers, either on a job-basis or in a full partnership.

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