PTC ’22

Our Expert Insight

NBG is an independent company based in Austria, specializing in delivering innovative and custom fiber optic solutions. We want to share some of our expert insight with you today.

Our experts have produced the following resources for you:

PTC Poster

Take a look at the wide range of potential applications of optical fiber in marine environments.

PTC Poster Session Video

Patrick Weissinger, NBG Product Manager, on new technology in the subsea telecom industry and subsea sensing possibilities.

Company Overview Presentation

NBG is an independent producer of fiber optic products, specializing in delivering innovative and custom solutions.

FIMT Presentation

Our FIMT solutions are custom-built to perform in a wide range of environments and industries worldwide.

FIMT Brochure

Browse our wide selection of customizable FIMT solutions and see the extensive examples of what we can produce.

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