Power Grids

The electric power infrastructure is a vast network of cabling, power stations, and electric stations. People depend on the infrastructure to operate 24/7, so it needs to be resilient against natural disasters, harsh conditions, theft, and other threats. 


Fiber optic sensing technology is an efficient solution to challenges in the Power Grid industry. A single optical fiber cable quickly and accurately monitors critical metrics without requiring a power source. We are constantly creating custom solutions for our client’s projects. For example, our FIMTs for OPGW cables are cost-effective and future-proof solutions for power grids.

OPGW cables shield conductors from lightning while operating for telecommunication purposes at the same time. As a result, they must withstand external influences such as mechanical stress and environmental forces such as wind and ice, protecting the optical fiber within the cable in the harshest of conditions.

Our most popular OPGW FIMTs

Armored Fiber Optic Cable

Single Layer FIMT

fiber optic cable

Thin Wall Aluminium Layered FIMT

OPGW Thick Alu Layered

Thick Wall Aluminium Layered FIMT

We respond to every project with a custom solution, selecting the right cable for the unique challenge. Still, significant advantage across all our FIMT products is that they are also integrable in high voltage cables to contribute to a more comprehensive solution to measure temperature.

Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) monitors the temperature and relays the information to the operator in real-time, ensuring that the power grid system is operational and running at total efficiency. 


Our products play a huge role in the Renewable Energy sector, too.  The combination of safety, highly accurate readings, cost-effectiveness, and reliability in extremely challenging conditions makes fiber optic technology irreplaceable in wind power applications. 

Offshore wind farms are challenging and expensive to maintain, and some offshore wind farms are situated over 30 km from shore. Factors such as these make it even more critical for operators to trust the information being relayed to them from the sensors. 

Benefits of Fiber Optics Monitoring in Renewable Energy

High Accuracy

Optical sensing is sensitive enough to detect any minor changes in the environment and reliably alert the data center in real-time. 

Cost Effective

No electrical power at the measurement point needed if used as a sensor.

Challenging Conditions

Once installed, our systems are close to undetectable and impossible to disrupt.

We produce FIMTs that withstand the high temperatures of a high voltage alternating current (HVAC) cables used to transfer the offshore wind energy into the grid systems on landWe focus on continuous, extra-long production lengths and provide bespoke solutions for cable systems and offshore installations. 


Subsea umbilical cables are multi-functional assets that transfer data and power. Our steel-tube encapsulated cables can feature unprecedented fiber densities of up to 192 fibers, making them a popular choice among our partners. 

A higher fiber count guarantees multiple data transmission connections and allows for various real-time surveillance activities of the line. These include  Distributed Temperature Sensing and Distributed Acoustic Sensing for live monitoring of seismic activity and third-party interferences. These examples are cost-reducing applications capable of lowering maintenance frequency and predicting failures before they occur. 


Distributed Temperature Sensing

Essential for monitoring the temperature in high and medium voltage configurations.

Distributed Acoustic Sensing

for live monitoring of seismic activity and third-party interferences.

By integrating our products within subsea lines, we ensure a prolonged lifetime of the installation resulting in a reduction in waste. The reduction is a result of fewer maintenance operations while operating the line. Less maintenance and longer lifetimes of subsea cables mean less CO2 emissions released in the atmosphere due to the manufacturing of new cables, up-close diagnostics, or repairs. 

Trisens Sensing Cable

perfect cost-reducing solution

In addition, we have worked on several developments focused on feasible solutions for retrofitting existing subsea infrastructures with fiber optic sensors. Our portfolio features the Trisens Sensing Cable, which is as light as 11kg/km making it a perfect cost-reducing solution as the cable is less demanding in terms of installation vessel requirements. 


Fiber optic sensors measure the temperature, vibrations, and potential damage in real-time throughout their length, helping the provider reduce downtime and maintenance costs. This is a benefit that is integral in OPGW/OPPC, Renewables, and Umbilical projects. 

The combination of strength and accuracy makes fiber optics in power grids a necessity. In addition, our promise to deliver custom solutions to any fiber optic challenge ensures we are continuously agile in selecting the best response.

Benefit from over 25 years of expertise in fiber optics.

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