Perimeter Security

Optic fiber perimeter intrusion detection system

NBG specializes in custom fiber optic solutions for perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS).

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Optic fiber perimeter intrusion detection system

Your Challenges:

Our Solutions

PIDS Applications

Fence/Wall Monitoring

Fences and fiber optics go perfectly together for perimeter security
Fiber optics can be installed on walls for great perimeter security
Fence monitoring can be made more effective with optic fiber

Ground Monitoring

For different terrains: soil, sand, and gravel.

The optic fiber installation process can be very simple
Optical fiber works perfectly in any soil
Optic fiber is effective in sand
Optic fiber works great in rocky surfaces

The benefits of fiber optic sensors

Optical fibers serve a similar role to structures and cities that the nervous system does in the human body. Nerves provide accurate and real-time feedback about the condition of our bodies. Similarly, optical fibers communicate the ‘feeling’ of a physical structure, constantly reading all changes and any degradation.

Why Fiber Optics


Sensor / cable lifetime >20 years

Passive Sensor

No electrical power at the measurement point

Long distance

Remote monitoring (50 km and more)

High sensitivity and accuracy

At sensing point Insensitive lead in to reduce disturbances

Harsh and explosive environments

Resistant to corrosion, lightning, etc.

Immune to EMI

Electromagnetic interference


Zone based

  • Zone-based (up to 500m perimeter length/zone) and 16 zones/unit
  • Total perimeter length up to 8 km/unit (depending on fence type)
  • Cost-effective zone-based solution
  • Fence mounted and buried sensors (carpet)
  • Ground: sensitive only directly on top of the carpet


  • Pinpoint – Quasi-distributed monitoring (+- 5m local resolution)
  • Perimeter length max. 1,6km / unit Cost-effective up to 7 km trip (depending on fence type)
  • Well established platform used for 100+ Fiber optic sensing projects since 2010
  • Fence mounted sensor system
  • Additional monitoring of utility holes/gates with the same system
  • Different sensitivity and data analysis for each section


  • Pinpoint – Distributed monitoring (+- 5m local resolution)
  • Two versions up to 20km or 50 km length, and therefore a cost-effective solution compared to DAS systems
  • Fence/wall-mounted preferred
  • Different sensitivity levels adjusting to environmental conditions of each section (HW & SW)
  • Full sensitivity and bandwidth throughout the entire fiber length
  • Globally established and a trusted solution since 2011

End-to-End Solutions

We provide every part for a complete installation, covering the interrogation unit, the sensing cable, and all accessories.

As well as ready and complete solutions, we have the capability of offering customized solutions that meet the particular challenges of your perimeter.

NBG has developed a universal software platform for all its systems, giving you access to powerful algorithms and interface possibilities.

Optional Services

Cabinet, Utility Hole, and Gate Monitoring​


Optic fiber can sense break-ins

Gate Monitoring

Cabinet/manhole security systems

Cabinet Monitoring

Manhole Monitoring

Monitoring System

Case Studies

Ukraine Photovoltaic plant

Gmünd - driving safety center


Fiber Optic PIDS Presentation

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