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On the European Commission’s Anti-Dumping Duties

anti-dumping duties

Today, we’re covering the European Commission’s new anti-dumping duties on optical fiber cables. We’re entirely behind the new measures, which you can access here. We believe the new measures will restore a fair market in the fiber optic cable industry and have even more significant consequences beyond that.

What is 'Dumping'?

‘Dumping’ is when a non-EU company exports products to the EU at a much lower price than the accepted value of the product. 

The European Commission is the body that investigates dumping claims and imposes measures. They check for the following factors:

  • Dumping by the producers in the country/countries concerned 
  • ‘Material injury’ suffered by the European industry 
  • A causal link between dumping and injury 
  • Whether the measures are for or against European interest 

The measures are generally in place for five years. Still, they can be reviewed if the circumstances of the exporters have changed or a new non-EU company begins exporting to the EU and requests the calculation of its dumping margin.

Anti-Dumping Duties on Optical Fiber Cables

Last month, the European Commission imposed anti-dumping duties ranging between 19.7% and 44% on imports of fiber optic cables from China into the European Union.

The new measures, along with anti-subsidy duties, should contribute to a fairer market in the fiber optic cable industry. In recent years, the competitive advantage of the strongly subsidized Chinese fiber optic cable industry has benefitted from undercutting their European competition. These new measures, however, promise to level the playing field.

The measures are of great interest to us because we understand the further consequences. Subpar telecom cables from China have influenced our customers: producers of OPGW/OPPC and standard telecom cables. We always try to be the extended workbench for cable manufacturing companies, and we benefit from their growth, too.

Additionally, when the measures begin to influence the market, we expect to see an increase in innovation and digital transformation.

Innovation at NBG

We have always pioneered innovation and new technology at our R&D center, creating new products with cutting-edge materials and methods and helping to define the future with our work in fiber optic sensing.

We view the European Commission’s anti-dumping duties on optical fiber cables as a significant move to secure the future. We offer our support to the new measures and hope that they level the playing field in the industry, restoring fair competition that will progress the industry and benefit everyone in the world.

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