Oil & Gas

Fiber optic sensing technology can provide extremely accurate readings in all environments with almost no additional operational expenditures.

The higher efficiency in downhole, transportation, and refinement allows


The benefits of fiber optic sensing help to transform the industry like never before.

Оil and gas sensors allow monitoring of the drilling site, thus providing valuable information to the drilling operator about the downhole pressure and temperature. The new oil field sensors are the building block of every modern digital rig.

The fiber optic sensing technology provides constant monitoring of expensive oil & gas infrastructure from down- to upstream.

In refineries optical fiber sensing can monitor, temperature, strain, and pressure against unexpected problems in heavy equipment and machinery.

Why Fiber Optics

Long Lifetime

Almost no maintenance over the whole lifetime.

Passive Sensor

No electrical power at the measurement point needed if used as a sensor.

Long Distance

Monitoring (50 km and more) of remote locations and objects, if used as a sensor.

Resists High Pressures and High Temperatures

Resists extreme temperatures from -269 to 700+ degrees

For Harsh and Explosive Environments

Resistant to corrosion, lightning, etc.

Immune to EMI

Electromagnetic interference


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