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NBG Gifts for Clients and Partners

gifts for clients and partners

We’re not sending Christmas gifts for our clients and partners this year. It’s not that we’re being mean-spirited or miserly. We haven’t forgotten the plot of A Christmas Carol, and we’re still interested in debating the best version of Dickens’ classic this winter – which is undoubtedly The Muppet Christmas Carol, right? However, there are other reasons we’re not sending out Christmas gifts for clients and partners, and we’re going to share our thought process here. 

We’re sending New Year’s Gifts instead! Despite what you may have thought at the start of this post, we still want to send gifts. We’re still in a generous mood. It’s just a matter of when we’re sending the presents—the occasion. As wonderful as Christmas is for many people worldwide, we felt that New Year’s was more inclusive. 

Practically every part of the world celebrates a localized version of New Year. Even within countries, various communities of family and friends celebrate the occasion in their way, too. Although we may mark the occasion differently, it brings us together. In addition to inclusivity, we like what the New Year represents. The more we thought about it, the more we liked the idea. 

Christmas is for friends and family, and we treat it as downtime to relax from a busy year’s work. It’s a time to disengage your business mind and recharge your batteries. New Year is different. It’s the perfect time to transform all of the reflections from the year and make plans for the next. So what can you learn from 2021? How can you make 2022 even brighter? 

Speaking of brighter, we celebrated Diwali (festival of lights) this year instead of our usual Christmas celebrations. But, again, we didn’t make this decision for any other motive than we felt it was time to fully embrace that we’re an international company with clients worldwide. So our reason to celebrate Diwali and send out New Year’s gifts instead of Christmas presents isn’t that we’re against Christmas. On the contrary – we love Christmas! 

But we love other celebrations, too, and we felt that it was the right time to demonstrate that. Our Diwali celebration on the 4th of November was a great success, and we hope our clients appreciate our New Year’s gifts this year. We sincerely wish all of you a fantastic holiday period, and we hope you come back to work in the New Year feeling refreshed, healthy, and raring to go. 2022 is your year! 

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