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Optical Fiber Preforms

Most modern production facility in the world. 

Fiber Optic Preforms

Optical fiber cables are high in demand. At the beginning of each optical fiber stands a solid glass rod, the preform.NBG is committed to produce high quality optical fiber preforms in the heart of Europe. 

Our Preform Factory

NBG FIBER is the first and only preform factory in Europe. Based in Austria the NBG Fiber is able to produce European quality preforms for 7 million fiber optical kilometer per year.

Preform Glass Volumes

The optical fiber preform structure can be divided into three different sections depending on the glass volumes: core, inner cladding and outer cladding. 

Technology | Preform Manufacturing

VDA Sintering
OVD Consolidation

Vapor Axial-Phase Deposition

This process creates the
core of the optical fiber, through which the light is transmitted.


In this process white
soot is transformed through heat into clear glass.


The preform is transformed in this process into a defined

Outside Vapor Deposition

After the creation of the
core, the “jacket” is applied in the OVD process.


In this process the soot body is transformed into a consolidated preform. The preform can now be processed further in a drawing tower.

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