NBG at WIRE 2022 by Richard Eichhorn, NBG Chief Sales Officer

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Samuel Burrows

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Why attending WIRE was a must! 

WIRE Düsseldorf is the biggest event in the wire, cable, tube, and pipe industries. Global cable manufacturers from around the world attend the 5-day exhibition every two years. Our primary reason for attending is because we support and service the cable industry with our optical fiber products, solutions, and services.

Global cable manufacturers are looking to buy machines, RAW material, update technologies, and view the latest standards, solutions, and innovations to upscale their factories. We supply cable manufacturers with FIMT and Optical Fiber, also servicing them with Optical Fiber Connectivity Solutions and Optical Fiber Sensing Solutions.

NBG stands out by working in cooperation with clients about new designs and requirements. As a result, we have designed and produced completely new products and solutions to match customer requirements, such as SonoSens, Trisens, the HELIA Optical Fiber product line, FIMT with long length and high fiber counts, OF connectivity, and OF Sensing solutions. Each project we undertake is designed and produced based on customer requirements, constantly collaborating with our clients. 

After Covid, we were excited about the opportunity to meet many of our customers within such a short timeframe. It was important for us to demonstrate NBG’s latest products and solutions. 

Presenting NBG products and solutions 

As NBG, we presented the four main product lines that were of interest to the visitors of WIRE by building an interactive display table of the four following areas: Optical Fiber, FIMT, Fiber Optic Sensing, and Connectivity. The content was well presented, gathering great interest from many visitors in NBG products and solutions.

NBG had a good showing at the exhibition, with key members from senior management, product management, and sales management in attendance. However, one of the main talking points from the NBG booth was the Dirndl girls in traditional Austrian dress.

Dirndl girls

Each one of them was an NBG employee, not a hired hand for the exhibition, offering fantastic support to the team. In addition to serving Austrian food and drink at the NBG Almhütte, which went down a treat with all of our visitors, they had experience and knowledge of the NBG brand and its solutions and products. 

We met a lot of international customers at the booth, from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the US, and Latin America. It was a pleasure to meet potential new customers face to face, showing them solutions and products and discussing any topic they wanted us to cover. In addition to presenting our solutions and products, we could give them a glimpse of our impeccable service levels, which was well received. 

What we wanted to achieve by attending WIRE 

Amongst our primary objectives was presenting the capabilities of our Preform Glass factory, where we make Preforms to draw Helia single mode optical fiber. This information was extremely well received by both optical fiber cable manufacturers and existing FIMT customers. 

Another element of our offering that attracted the interest and praise of our booth visitors was our FIMT with higher fiber counts and longer lengths. These features are particularly interesting to our customers in Subsea and OPGW cable production due to the return of investment it creates for them. 

NBG is a specialist in optical fiber. We presented our optical fiber connectivity solutions for the optical fiber cable producers to complete their offering to the FTTH and 5G customers. NBG supports them with OEM products if required and with joined meetings with their customers and detailed technical knowledge of the subject.

NBG sees an increase in interest in the Optical Fiber Sensing solutions we offer to our business partners. We support Optical Fiber Sensing solutions with our three key areas of focus: Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), Security Monitoring, and High Temperature Monitoring. As NBG, we support the cable industry with the special design Optical Fiber Sensing cables and, if required, sensing solutions.

A final word 

We enjoyed a full and busy schedule throughout the 5-day exhibition with a lot of interaction and requests from existing and future customers. The welcoming atmosphere at our booth, created by the design of the booth and the tremendous support from NBG employees, gave us the ideal space to meet and converse with NBG customers, prospects, and suppliers. 

Overall, the professional interactions with the suppliers at WIRE were productive, and the evenings with the team members and customers were enjoyable. It was a fantastic experience, and everyone at NBG is already looking forward to WIRE 2024. 

Richard Eichhorn, NBG Holding, Chief Sales Officer 

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