Fiber optics in the defense sector encompass applications in all army branches, such as marines, navy, and air force.


Fiber optic communication is part of the army´s information network and connect launch sites, army groups, and officers to the central HQ. The durability of NBG´s fiber optic cables makes them perfect for the rugged and demanding environment of warfare. The application of optical fiber in defense has strong roots for the past two decades and is offering some fascinating new opportunities.

The military application of distributed acoustic sensing technology can provide valuable insight about potential damage to military equipment and machines, such as tanks, gunboats, and artillery from enemy fire, and transmit this information over to the command.

Military fiber optics also includes monitoring of seabed for enemy ships and submarines.

Why Fiber Optics

Long Lifetime

Almost no maintenance over the whole lifetime.

Passive Sensor

No electrical power at the measurement point needed if used as a sensor.

Long Distance

Monitoring (50 km and more) of remote locations and objects, if used as a sensor.

Resists High Pressures and High Temperatures

Resists extreme temperatures from -269 to 700+ degrees

For Harsh and Explosive Environments

Resistant to corrosion, lightning, etc.

Immune to EMI

Electromagnetic interference


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