Marine Industry

We serve the Marine Industry by producing high-performing, customizable subsea FIMT, with recent advancements reaching 50 km in length with as many as 192 optical fibers in one metal tube. The standout offer of our FIMT is that they’re entirely customizable to provide the best solution to each unique project. As a result, our solutions significantly reduce your costs while ensuring that we solve every challenge in the most precise and efficient manner. 

Offshore Oil & Gas

FIMT cables are resilient and reliable in harsh subsea conditions, and therefore an attractive solution for telecoms, businesses, and even governments. Another advantage of FIMT is its sensing capabilities. For example, fiber optic sensing cables provide accurate and real-time measurements in drilling, which is invaluable in the Oil & Gas Industry. 

Offshore renewables energy

HVAC & MVAC cable monitoring

Distributed Temperature Sensing is essential for high and medium voltage configurations. Through real-time monitoring of the cable, our solutions assess any risk in the cable’s performance. Furthermore, if the sensing application identifies an issue, it pinpoints it immediately with complete accuracy, ensuring someone can resolve it promptly at the earliest stage. 

Offshore data transmission

Our high-performing FIMT (Fiber in Metal Tubes) is ideal for offshore data transmission in the Renewable Energy Industry. We produce exceptionally durable solutions with an extremely low optical loss. In addition to our FIMTs high performance, they require little or no maintenance. 

Subsea telecom

The Marine Industry is challenging and demanding. As a result, equipment must withstand extreme subsea pressure and temperatures. Therefore, we produce subsea FIMT with maximal crush resistance and tensile strength, performing telecommunication services at extreme temperature ranges, from -60°C to +650°C (-76°F to 1202°F). 

The most remarkable qualities of our FIMT are the high fiber count (192) and our ability to create custom solutions that perfectly match the project. 


We believe in advancing the potential of fiber optic technology through bold and innovative work at our cutting-edge R&D facilities. Our custom approach to solving challenges ensures that we always select the suitable cable and systems for the project. Our agile and fast nature is an advantage that, combined with quality products, makes our offering stand out in the Marine Industry. 

Benefit from over 25 years of expertise in fiber optics.

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