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USC for MAACK: All-Purpose Optical Fiber Cables

USC stands for Universal Cable, which means optical fiber cables with flexibility, strength, and robust optical characteristics in one design. The material composition includes an inner tube that contains optical elements, steel wires for strength and flexibility, and a polymer sheath to protect the components against various external influences. It also gives the optical fiber cables more of a crush zone for harsh handling in the field. Dimensional and optical changes are available upon request. 

Universal Cable


Product abbreviation USC
Cable usage Data Transm. & Sensing
Outer diameter 2.8 mm up to 9.0 mm
Approx. Cable weight 22 kg up to 190 kg per km
Bending performance Min. 25x outer diameter
High Crush resistance Acc. to IEC 60794-1-2
Operational temperature range -40°C up to +80°C
Maximum continuous length Up to 20 km
Accessories Available (MAACK system)
Filling compound H2 absorbing optionally
Polymer protection layer Made of Polyamide
Steel materials Wide range possible

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Product overview created by Patrick Weissinger – 21.03.2019

Universal Cable

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Universal Cable Tests

See our R&D team demonstrate the strength of the Universal Cable. Watch the video to see how it performs under:

Case studies

Mountain cog rail

Schneeberg | Austria

Connecting bridges

Trogir | Croatia

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