Karl Bauer at FTTH 2022

Samuel Burrows

Samuel Burrows

Karl Bauer at FTTH 2022

Karl Bauer’s Presentation at FTTH 2022 

NBG’s CEO KommR Karl Bauer was invited to present at this year’s FTTH conference and chose to speak about Fiber Optic Sensing for Smart Cities. With Fiber Optic Sensing, NBG can make a wide range of products and applications ‘smart’, which, when implemented universally in one city, come together to create a Smart City.

Karl covers how Smart Cities reduce CO2 and energy consumption while improving the experience of the city’s inhabitants. Watch the presentation below to see what makes Smart Cities smart and how the world can benefit from them. 

About the FTTH Conference 

The FTTH Conference is centered on accelerating fiber deployment and producing more robust and reliable fiber solutions to help connect everyone and everything together. Innovation in fiber optics is about creating a dependable platform on which people can connect, and workplaces can innovate. 

High-speed connectivity is a must for the economy to thrive, and the following highlights were featured as key areas of focus for the conference: 

  • Technology and collaboration in the health industry 
  • Home office and remote working 
  • 5g and fiber convergence 
  • Home broadband experience 
  • Smart Cities and New Applications 

Organizations involved in FTTH 2022 are helping to define the future of connectivity, with a special focus on the rollout of sustainable technology, which has never been more relevant than now.

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