Industrial Fiber Optics

With over 25 years of experience in industrial fiber optics, we are committed to delivering high-quality services in every industry. 

Supporting Multiple Industries

We offer customized end-to-end optical fiber solutions. Our FIMT is resilient enough to perform in demanding harsh environments and sensitive enough to detect every minor variation in the gathered data for fiber optic sensing. We can create custom FIMT for any application. Our products have helped raise efficiency and reduce overhead in various industries, including Fiber Optics, Telecom, Power Grids, Oil & Gas, Military & Defense, Marine, Construction, Smart Cities, and Security.  

The examples above are just a selection of what we can offer in various industries. One guarantee with every project is that we approach it with a promise to deliver a custom solution, that meets all of the customer’s requirements. Contact us today to introduce your challenge to us. 

Helia Optical Fiber

We created Helia, our own brand of optical fiber because of our demand for superior quality fiber.  All of our products rely on optical fiber, so we took production into our own hands; at our cutting-edge facilities in the heart of Europe, we produce several million kilometers of optical fiber every year. In R&D, we continue to advance the technology and push the limits of what’s possible and define the future of industrial fiber optics. 

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Fiber Optics

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