Fiber optic components for umbilical cables

Our Fiber in Metal Tubes (FIMTs) are essential components for the production of high-performance umbilical cables, ensuring durability and efficient data transmission in demanding underwater environments.

FIMT for umbilical cables

Our FIMTs are engineered to withstand the rigorous conditions of underwater use, providing both structural integrity and reliable fiber optic communication capabilities. Their construction allows for high fiber density, accommodating numerous fibers in a compact space, which is essential for the multifaceted functionality of umbilical cables. With the capability to be supplied in lengthy, continuous stretches, they reduce the need for frequent splicing, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and reliability of the umbilical cables. NBG’s focus on quality manufacturing ensures that these FIMTs are not just components, but critical enablers of advanced, durable, and efficient umbilical cable systems, essential for a wide range of maritime and subsea applications.

Example configurations

All our products are custom and designed to spec. Below are just a few examples to demonstrate our production capabilities.

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See our FIMT for HV/MV cables datasheet.

Outer diameter

from 1.10mm / 0.043 ″
to 5.30mm / 0.209 ″

Fiber count

1-144 (250μm)
1-192 (200μm)

Tube wall thickness

from 0.125mm / 0.0049 ″
to 0.30 / 0.0118 ″

Outer insulation

PA / LD / HD / XLPE / PVC FRNC / TPE / Semi-conductive PE

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Frequently asked questions

FIMTs in umbilical cables offer enhanced protection for fibers, high fiber density for superior data transmission capabilities, and are ideal for sensing applications. These benefits are critical for the reliability, efficiency, and performance of umbilical cables in demanding environments.


High fiber density allows for a greater amount of data to be transmitted through a single cable, maximizing the bandwidth and efficiency of communication lines. This is particularly beneficial for umbilical cables that need to support multiple functions simultaneously, including power delivery, data transmission, and real-time monitoring.

FIMTs in umbilical cables can support a range of sensing applications, such as Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), and Distributed Strain Sensing (DSS). These applications are vital for monitoring the operational health of the umbilical system, environmental conditions, and ensuring the safety and efficiency of operations.

We can produce FIMTs in continuous lengths of up to 50km. This reduces the need for splices, simplifies installation, and enhances the integrity and reliability of the cable system.


Our FIMTs for umbilical cables can accommodate up to 192 fibers in a single tube. This high fiber count is advantageous for complex applications requiring substantial data transmission capabilities, such as remote operations and real-time monitoring.

We offer a variety of water-blocking gels and yarns for FIMTs in umbilical cables, tailored to prevent water ingress and protect the fibers. These solutions ensure the durability and reliability of the cable, even in the challenging underwater environment