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Water blocking
filling compound

General description

Different kinds of water blocking gels are used for different applications and jobs. In general, filling compounds for Fiber in Metal Tubes are used to protect the fibers from moisture and mechanical stress. In addition, such a filling compound helps to maintain an accurate EFL value inside the tube. Depending on the application, different viscosities as well as hydrogen scavenging properties may be necessary. Therefore, NBG provides a wide range of longitudinal water blocking filling compounds, that are suitable for a specific type of FIMT application without influencing the quality of the fibers.

Filling compound facts

Filling compound facts:

  • Wide temperature range: – 60° up to + 150 °C (+ 200 °C in R&D process)
  • High, medium or without hydrogen scavenging properties
  • Short-term exposure up to + 300 °C
  • Full synthetic thixotropic compound
  • Non-toxic

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