Construction Industry

Fiber optic sensing provides accurate and real-time information that assists the monitoring and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure. Optical sensing becomes even more critical when the buildings and infrastructure are under construction, putting them under heavy strain. Our capabilities across the construction industry extend to Structural Health Monitoring, Perimeter Security, and also FTTx Solutions, and FTTx Installation, where we can provide equipment for FTTx and FTTH projects of any size. 

Structural Health Monitoring

The primary function of structural health monitoring is to ensure the structure’s safety and plan, predict, and optimize maintenance activities. Therefore, monitoring significant construction projects is necessary, and it requires relatively little maintenance and expenditure. In addition, the sensing technology of the FIMT integrates quickly into existing systems, reducing costs and helping the construction industry become safer and more efficient. 

Further to increased efficiency, Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) allows Predictive Maintenance, which is a significant cost-saving measure. By monitoring structures 24/7 and relaying critical information in real-time, contractors can respond to minor changes in the structure’s integrity to resolve them before they become a bigger, more expensive problem. 

We can secure the integrity of bridges with FBG Sensors that measure the static and dynamic loading force and any strain, bending, and cracking. The system monitors existing damages accurately and at the earliest stage; early warning prevents catastrophic failures and informs service and maintenance planning.
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Tunnel Structural Health Monitoring
Fiber optic sensing monitors play a crucial role in keeping tunnels safe; the technology analyses displacement, the integrity of the tunnel shell, the convergence of the tunnel structure, and any cracks or strains. By accessing online and real-time information about the structure of tunnels, operators get early warning of any changes that threaten the tunnel, ensuring safety.
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Dam monitoring guarantees the safety of the structure and its users and helps optimize the dam's maintenance. The sensors measure the structure remotely and automatically, providing real-time data analysis that triggers alters, such as strain, temperature, leakage, and cracks.
Structural Health Monitoring can monitor all buildings, relaying accurate information in real-time to a data center. As a result, any minor damages are instantly recognized, ensuring they can be repaired before they endanger people's safety and cause significant expense.

Perimeter Security

We specialize in custom fiber optic solutions for Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS). The technology provides real-time and complete perimeter security for structures of any length perimeter. 

We can supply your fiber optic monitoring system, complete with innovative technology and resilient materials that detect intrusions. In addition, we select the best-in-class equipment with a focus on optimal cost efficiency and long-term reductions in maintenance costs. 

Our systems can integrate with existing security systems to install fence, wall, or ground monitoring (for various terrains). 


We offer support for FTTh/FTTx installations, specializing in installing fiber optic boxes, fiber optic cabinets, and other fiber optic components in indoor and outdoor areas. Also, we offer the injection of optical fiber in micro, mini, or standard cables and the splicing of optical fiber (single and multimode). 

In addition, we provide passive and active FTTx equipment and educational workshops in installation techniques to support the construction of FTTx networks. 


Delicate construction projects on unstable terrain depend upon the valuable information provided by fiber-optic monitoring, but all construction benefits significantly from the technology. In addition to reducing expenditure, the technology is a safety measure that prevents accidents. 

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