See you at PTC 22 in January

PTC 22

NBG will be attending the Pacific Telecommunications Council conference (PTC 22) in Hawaii between the 16th and 19th of January 2022. The four-day event is an annual conference concerning global communications in which participants are given the platform to plan, network, and discover the industry’s future.  Fiber optic technology has a massive role in the future of global communications, and that’s where we come […]

Underwater Fiber Optic Sensing: Our Cables are Ready for the Future

A recent study by OSA shows that the same fiber optic cables that transfer data across the world’s oceans can also be used to sense and predict geophysical events. The depths of the ocean are the places on Earth that are most inaccessible and immune to fiber optic sensing. The ability to monitor the ocean and its seabed conditions would be ground-breaking.  Existing monitoring infrastructure such as buoys and cabled […]

Reducing costs in long-haul networks

long-haul networks

The rapid nature of fiber optic technology makes selecting the best optical fiber for long-haul networks a complex decision. Transmission technology and electronics are constantly changing and upgrading, so optical cables are sometimes deployed with multiple fiber types within one cable, keeping the maximum number of possible options open as the network evolves.  Selecting the best optical fiber may be complex, and we recommend speaking […]

Subsea Fiber Optic Cables Damaged by Massive Underwater Avalanche

Subsea fiber optic cables

Subsea fiber optic cables are making the front page of the news again. Our previous blog post highlighted the role of underwater cables in the high-profile NSA spying row. This post will focus on last week’s underwater avalanche, reported by the BBC, which features the global importance of fiber optic sensing once again.  Scientists reported a two-day sediment avalanche from a West-African canyon to the […]

NSA Spying Row: The Security of Underwater Fiber Optic Cables

Underwater fiber optic cables

Underwater fiber optic cables are playing a central role in the recent NSA spying row. If you haven’t already heard, the Danish media report that Denmark’s secret service collaborated with the US National Security Agency (NSA) to spy on European politicians, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, from 2012 to 2014.  Denmark’s secret service gathered information from Norwegian, Swedish, German, and French politicians using underwater fiber optic cables. A spokesperson for […]

The global fiber market – before and after the US elections

the Covid-19 situation will accelerate the push towards regional supply chains contractors must quickly adapt to new national and continental tariffs and barriers the US elections will have a considerable influence over the global market for fiber optics The situation with Covid-19 continues to unravel – with imposed restrictions on movement, transport, and logistics worldwide. […]

The fiber industry during the pandemic

The pandemic is still here, and uncertainty seems to be on the rise. But regional supply chains, new technologies, and changed customer behavior are proving to be the bedrock of the future fiber optics market. The current economic and political climate can create ambiguity in the way Chinese manufacturing operates European manufacturers of fiber optic […]