NBG at OTC 2021 in Texas

NBG at OTC 2021

OTC 2021 – Offshore Technology Conference – is where energy industry professionals gather to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters. We attended this year’s conference, setting up a booth to share our recent developments in subsea fiber optic technology.   It was a busy and productive time in Houston, meeting a lot of people. Without a doubt, […]

Subsea Sensing and Innovation

Exciting developments in subsea fiber optic sensing could turn transmission cables into sensing cables. Our Sonosens cable for Distributed Acoustic Sensing is ideal for the task; it’s robust enough for the challenging environment, and its design doesn’t compromise on sensing performance.

88 km of FIMT for the EVN project between Gmünd and Groß Gerungs

The Austrian newspaper NÖN featured NBG last Friday, sharing a few of our exciting developments in fiber optic technology. Highlighted in this article is a recent project in which our armored cable, as part of an OPGW, will protect the power lines for the EVN project between Gmünd and Groß Gerungs. The cable is just […]

Why excess fiber length (EFL) matters?

For application, where a stainless-steel tube is needed to protect optical fibers against the surrounding influence, one abbreviation is catching one of the most important attention to consider. The so called “EFL”.

FIMT, FIST, SST? Deciphering the abbreviations.

When you work or deal with cables which contain optical fiber, you probably noticed designations like “FIMT”, “FIST”, “SST” or maybe other abbreviations which are related to a fiber optic cable. But what do those abbreviations stand for exactly and what is the meaning behind these terms?