This Basalt combined FIMT is based on a new high-tech material, the mineral fibers of Basalt, an alkaline volcanic rock. The characteristic of this material gives the cable excellent elastically properties to bending, an ultra-high tensile strength and crush resistance as well as the advantage of a super lightweight design. A tiny plastic layer on top protects the stone yarns against mechanical abrasions to ensure a maximum lifetime for the application. Dimensionally changes can be optionally as well as the optical components are able to change upon customer requests. With all the features, this cable is great to use as a pushing element
or wherever the optical components need to be used many times.

Product abbreviation BCF
Cable usage Data Transm. & Sensing
Wall thickness of Basalt Material 1.10 mm
Dimensions of Metal Tube 1.80 mm OD with 0.20 mm WT
Plastic materials Polyamide - RED
Steel materials Wide range possible
Filling compound H2 absorbing optionally
High ultimate tensile strength > 12 000 N
High crush resistance > 29 000 N at 100 mm
Main attribute Ultra-high bending perf.
Approx. Cable weight 39 kg per km and up
Operational temperature range -40°C up to +80°C
Maximum continuous length Up to 2 km

All values, product specifications and other given data are subject to change without notice to improve reliability, function, design or otherwise. Information contained in this data sheet are up-to-date as at the date of issue. As NBG cannot control or anticipate the conditions under which this product may be used, each user should review the information in specific context of the planned use. To the maximum extent permitted by law, NBG will not be responsible for damages of any nature resulting from the use or reliance upon the information contained in this data sheet.

Product overview created by Patrick Weissinger – 25.03.2019

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