Why excess fiber length (EFL) matters?

For application, where a stainless-steel tube is needed to protect optical fibers against the surrounding influence, one abbreviation is catching one of the most important attention to consider. The so called “EFL”.

FIMT, FIST, SST? Deciphering the abbreviations.

When you work or deal with cables which contain optical fiber, you probably noticed designations like “FIMT”, “FIST”, “SST” or maybe other abbreviations which are related to a fiber optic cable. But what do those abbreviations stand for exactly and what is the meaning behind these terms?

The global fiber market – before and after the US elections

the Covid-19 situation will accelerate the push towards regional supply chains contractors must quickly adapt to new national and continental tariffs and barriers the US elections will have a considerable influence over the global market for fiber optics The situation with Covid-19 continues to unravel – with imposed restrictions on movement, transport, and logistics worldwide. […]

The fiber industry during the pandemic

The pandemic is still here, and uncertainty seems to be on the rise. But regional supply chains, new technologies, and changed customer behavior are proving to be the bedrock of the future fiber optics market. The current economic and political climate can create ambiguity in the way Chinese manufacturing operates European manufacturers of fiber optic […]