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We are a family-run company based in Austria, specializing in fiber optics solutions.


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The NBG Group is a family-run company founded and operated by the Bauer family in Gmünd, in Austria’s northernmost part.

For more than 25 years, the group’s core competence has been in fiber optic technology. The expertise ranges from optical fibers for use in the telecom industry, special cables for the oil & gas and high-temperature industry, fiber optic sensor technology to fiber to the home solutions & installations.

The group has over 220 employees with headquarters in Austria and subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, United States, and Germany. An international network of partners enables the group to distribute efficiently worldwide.

Our Mission

Connecting the world with our high-quality state of the art fiber optic products and bring intelligence in critical areas.


NBG Holding GmbH

The bedrock of the NBG Group started in 1996 and serves as a foundation for the development of new subsidiaries. As an actively managed holding company, it offers its subsidiaries a wide range of services such as human resource management, quality management, IT management, supply chain management, finance management and marketing. The global NBG network provides support for the development of the subsidiaries.


NBG FIBER was founded in 2018 and since then has been the flagship of the NBG Group. With an annual production capacity of more than 140 tons of high purity glass, equivalent to 5.2 million km of fiberglass, NBG FIBER occupies 1% of the world market. The main product is Fiber Optic Preforms, glass fiber cylinders which are considered as raw material in the production of glass fiber and are “drawn” into glass fiber in an outsourced step.


NBG SYSTEMS has been the “Face to the Customer” since its beginning in 2009. The company is the hub for international customer requests. Solutions are collected by the subsidiaries and discussed with customers by a dedicated sales team. Also, the fiber optic sensor technology is located in NBG SYSTEMS with a team. Based on the glass fiber’s sensor properties, it offers various possibilities to integrate it into applications, such as the measurement of cracks in bridges and tunnels or high-temperature applications.


Ing. Rudolf Halmetschlager was one of the founders of NBG TUBE back in 2002. FCT produces and develops the current driving force of the NBG Group, Fiber In Metal Tube, or FIMT for short. Fiber In Metal Tube, or FIMT for short, is a glass fibre sheathed in a protective metal tube. Glass and especially hair-thin glass fibre is a very fragile material. In order to protect it from external influences such as temperature, pressure, stress, etc., FCT has perfected a process to protect glass fibre in a metal tube over a length of 25 km. There are a few competitors worldwide, but none can match the high quality standards of FCT. Therefore, more and more companies, especially in the oil and gas industry, are becoming aware of us and are developing special productions in cooperation with FCT.

NBG Flexkom GmbH

Established in 2010, NBG Flexkom offers services in the field of fibre optic cable installation. This includes the connection of optical fibres to buildings – Fibre to the Home (FTTH) or other structures – Fibre to the X (FTTX) as well as optical fibre networks in the WAN or MAN area. The procedure for the fixed connection of glass fibre is called splicing, which is one of the core competencies of NBG Flexkom, along with injection technology and measurement technology. The areas of application range from Vienna to Vorarlberg, from Munich to South Tyrol.

NBG Home GmbH

NBG Home helps in the implementation of fiber optic infrastructures since 2018. This includes the planning of customer-oriented solutions and the trade with components for fiber optic networks. In 2019, the fiber optic division was taken over from EATON and successfully integrated in the NBG Group. This extends NBG´s range of fiber optic network technology to include passive connectivity products.


NBG Dimensions was initially set up in 2014 as Bernstein Innovation GmbH and in 2019 it was taken over by the NBG Group. The company is engaged in 3D printing using the SLS process. Selective laser sintering creates physical objects with the help of lasers, which create an object from plastic powder layer by layer. Development is being carried out in the area of sensory properties, for example in combination with fibre optic sensors to create data generating objects. NBG DIMENSIONS is now part of NBG TUBE GmbH.

Safibra s.r.o.

Founded in 2010 in Prague, the academic team of Safibra is engaged in the development of hardware for fibre optic sensor technology. Safibra products are used in various projects of the NBG Group and range from sensors to analysis units.

kubator GmbH

The kubator was founded in 2014 as a contact point in the Waldviertel to offer innovative personalities a basis for developing their business ideas. Besides the support of projects in the start-up sector, the kubator offers services in the field of marketing and design. Within the NBG Group, the kubator is managed as a marketing department.




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