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We’re an independent, family-run company based in Austria. We specialize in delivering smart, custom fiber optic solutions.


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Our Story

The NBG Group is an independent, family-run company founded and operated by the Bauer family in Gmünd, Austria.

For more than 25 years, we’ve pioneered innovation in fiber optic technology. We deliver custom cables that perform in any environment, from the telecom industry to the high-temperature and testing oil & gas industry, and from fiber optic sensor technology to home solutions and installations.

The group has over 220 employees with headquarters in Austria and subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, United States, and Germany. An international network of partners enables the group to distribute efficiently worldwide.

Although we’ve grown, we retain our independent nature, and we’re proud of our speed, agility, and innovation.


Establishment of NBG Neunteufel, Bauer, Glasfasertechnik GmbH.
Construction of the NBG HOME building begins.
The NBG Fiber Optics GmbH, a pure trading company, is founded.
Construction begins on the red cubic building, today's HIVE.
The FCT Fiber Cable Technology GmbH is founded, and the first FIMTs (Fiber In Metal Tubes) ‘made in Austria’ are delivered.
NBG Fiber Optics GmbH is sold.
NBG SYSTEMS GmbH is founded; NBG Holding GmbH is established as an umbrella company over FCT and NBG SYSTEMS; construction begins on the FCT building.
NBG FlexKom is founded
NBG Group purchases Safibra.
NBG Holding joins FlexKom GmbH.
Karl Bauer founds the NBG Bauer GmbH and holds 100% of the NBG Holding GmbH; the Startup Center Waldviertel ‘kubator’ is launched.
The fiber optic division of EATON gets integrated into NBG Group; purchase of Bernstein Innovation GmbH.
NBG SYSTEMS opens its first sales office in the USA with NBG Corp; NBG Fiber Swiss AG is established in Switzerland, securing the Swiss company SOLIFOS AG.
The growth of the NBG facilities through time

Our Mission

To connect the world with our high-quality, state-of-the-art fiber optic products and transfer intelligence to critical areas.

NBG Holding GmbH

NBG Holding GmbH, established in 1996, is the bedrock of the NBG Group and serves as the foundation for the subsidiaries. As an actively managed holding company, it offers its subsidiaries support and a wide range of services, such as human resource management, quality management, IT management, supply chain management, finance management, and marketing. 


NBG SYSTEMS, founded in 2009, is the hub for international customer requests, for which we have a dedicated sales team to discuss potential solutions with the customers. NBG SYSTEMS also hosts our fiber optic sensor technology, which offers multiple possibilities for integration into other applications. In 2020, NBG SYSTEMS opened its first sales office in the USA with NBG Corp. The Houston office supplies the global Oil & Gas market with FIMTs (Fiber In Metal Tubes) from NBG.


NBG TUBE is the driving force of the NBG Group. Fiber in Metal Tube (FIMT) is the all-important protective element for optical fiber. The durable metal tube shields the optical fiber from external influences, including temperature, pressure, and stress. FIMT is particularly relevant in heavy industries, such as Oil & Gas, but NBG TUBE has earned a reputation for delivering custom FIMTs to solve demanding challenges across various industries.

NBG Flexkom GmbH

Established in 2010, NBG Flexkom offers services in fiber optic cable installation. These services include the connection of optical fibers to buildings, Fiber to the Home (FTTH) or other structures, and Fiber to the X (FTTX). The procedure for the fixed connection of optical fiber is called splicing, which is a core competency of NBG Flexkom, along with injection technology and measurement technology. Today, the FlexKom GmbH team is mainly on the road in Austria and Germany.

NBG Home GmbH

Since 2018, NBG Home has supported the implementation of fiber optic infrastructures, including the planning of customer-oriented solutions and the trade of components for fiber optic networks. In 2019, the fiber optic division was taken over from EATON and successfully integrated into the NBG Group. The integration extended NBG’s fiber-optic network technology range to include passive connectivity products.


NBG Dimensions was taken over by the NBG Group in 2019, five years after Bernstein Innovation GmbH launched it in 2014, and it is now part of NBG TUBE GmbH. The company engages in 3D printing using the SLS process, where selective laser sintering creates physical objects from plastic powder, layer by layer. Also, fiber optic sensors help design and develop data-generating objects.

Safibra s.r.o.

Founded in Prague in 2010, the academic team of Safibra is engaged in the development of hardware for fiber optic sensor technology. Safibra products are used in various projects of the NBG Group and range from state-of-the-art sensors to analysis units. 

kubator GmbH

kubator was established in 2014 to offer innovative personalities a platform to develop business ideas. In addition to supporting start-up sector projects, kubator provides services in marketing and design as the official marketing department of the NBG Group. The agency is based on-site in the red cubic building as a co-working space. 

Our international partner network

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