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We offer end-to-end fiber optics solutions.

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The NBG Group was founded 1996 and is family owned since. NBG is focused on customized fiber optic products. Over 220 employees in 4 countries develop and produce state-of-the-art fiber optics solutions, from Fiber In Metal Tubes (FIMT), fiber optic sensing applications with custom DAS and FBG technologies to customized fiber optic connectivity solutions. The field of operations ranges from industries like oil & gas, telecommunications, security, structural health, fiber optics, connectivity, FTTx and many more.


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NBG Teambuilding 2019 in Vienna, Austria.


Why our partners trust us every step of the way?

We produce in Austria

We are producing in the heart of Europe with the strictest manufacturing regulations in the world. 

We're independent

We are an independent and family driven company. So we can fully focus on your project.

We are certified

Quality management is key. Our  certificates for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 are complemented by our in-house testing laboratory. 

We customize

With rapid prototyping technology we can customize your fiber optics project from start to serial production.

We work fast

We fulfill every project managers dream: fast production and on time delivery.

We are agile

A small team of engineers and success managers will take your challenge and will provide solutions with impact.

We are one team

Every NBG employee is a highly motivated and skilled expert in her/his field. This guarantees you an outstanding project quality.

Fiber optic preforms

Any successful optical fiber project starts with a high quality preform. We built and operate the most advanced optical fiber preform manufacturing facility in the world.

Optical fiber

Whatever your project requires in terms of optical fiber we can deliver. Weather it’s 50 or 5,000,000 km we’re always happy to help.

Fiber in metal tube

Need your optical fiber protected? We specialise in producing the most durable optical fiber cables on the market. A fiber in metal tube (FIMT) can withstand almost everything in terms of temperature, weight, tension and more. 

Fiber optic sensing

Need to monitor critical infrastructure elements? Our sensing solutions help you with maintaining the structural integrity of buildings, bridges, tunnels, pipelines, wells and much more.

Fiber optic connectivity

Need termination boxes, splice cassettes, fiber optic closures and other passive and active components? We have it all. Our portfolio of FO connectivity elements is constantly growing. 

FTTx solutions & installations

Need to tweak your cable network or to plan and execute a brand new one? Our team of experts are always ready to splice and dice.

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